Driving Directions

Two Routes:

We are located on Puesta del Sol 8, a side street off the main road up Gringo Hill, which is Calle Gabriel Rodriquez. Google Maps does not always recognize our address. It does, however reliably recognize our neighbors at “Calle Luna 5, Sayulita”  so you can type that into get next door.

Coming from Puerto Vallarta, turn left off the 200 onto  Av. Revoloción into the main entrance of Sayulita.

Arrive through town (slower but a taste of town):

Take the first major right onto the main Boulevard to stay on Av Revoloción. Drive all the way over the bridge into Sayulita, and follow this road through town until you see the main plaza on your left. Make a left on Calle Marlin at the far side of the plaza. Stay straight on Calle Marlin as you pass El Barrilito on the left with the floating bar stools, you will begin up “Gringo Hill” on Calle Marlin.  Shortly after you begin driving up, you will take your first left onto Calle Gabriel Rodriguez (road not well marked just written on a wall).  Once on this street you will simply follow it all the way to the top.  On your way up you will pass LongBoard Haven on your left, then Calle Mariposa, then Calle Las Palmas. Just past Calle Las Palmas the road bends around a tree in the center, at this tree, make a sharp right up the hill, this is Calle Puesta Del Sol. Follow the road left at the top of the short hill and you will see a white house on your right in between two yellow/orange houses. Look for the big wooden door with the seahorse knocker and the #8.  You have arrived at Casa Nicoya! For Google Maps directions click here.

Arrive the back way (direct but steep):

After entering Sayulita under the main welcome entrance stay straight as the road turns into the Punta de Mita Hwy. You will pass the trash and recycle center on your left and a small bridge going over the river. Just before the gym El Club on your right (white building with red gorilla) you will make a sharp right onto Calle Mercurio which is a VERY steep hill. At the very top of this hill make a left onto Calle Gabriel Rodriquez and follow it as it curves to the right and downhill, watch out for the speed bump on the corner. Turn left on Calle Luna and make a right at the construction site. We are the yellow/orange house on the left between the two white houses, with the #8.  Look for the big wooden door with the seahorse knocker and the #8.  You have arrived at Casa Nicoya! For Google GPS directions click here.

Airport Transportation

To reserve transportation from the airport, please send your complete flight details to casanicoyasayulita@gmail.com  including flight #, # of passengers, and arrival/return flight times.

Rates are as follows for up to 7 people:

● RT from Airport: 140 USD roundtrip + tip

● One Way from Airport to Sayulita 110 USD + tip

● One Way from Sayulita to Airport 70 USD + tip

You may also ask your driver to stop at Mega or Walmart for groceries before reaching our location.  Payment must be made in cash at arrival. The driver waits with a sign with your name on it as you exit customs and “the valley of the time share”. Your return trip taxi will meet you at our location 3 hours before flight departure.  If your party wishes to depart at different times, additional one-way trip from Sayulita to the airport can be booked with the fare listed above. 

If you do not have a lot of luggage, the bus is a great option as well. It only costs 40 pesos each way, and they pick you up across the overpass from the airport and drop you off in Sayulita off the main boulevard. From there it is a 5 min taxi ride to the house.  Additional information can be found here https://www.sayulitalife.com/sayulitatransportation

Check In/Check Out

Packing List


Groceries & Money Exchange






Getting Around


Water & Utilities


Grocery Shopping Service

Baby Equipment Rental


Location & Phones




Medical Needs


Safety & Security

Check-in is 4pm, Check-out is at 11am.   

For bathing, we recommend bringing any shampoo, soap, or toiletry products. We have hair dryers and an iron for your use. We provide hand soap, dish and dishwasher soap. Kitchens are fully equipped with all utensils to prepare meals but do not include such items as coffee, oil, or spices. A flashlight can be helpful for evening travel in and around the village if you are not lucky enough to get a full moon.

You may like to stop at the Walmart or Mega before reaching our location for staple items and breakfast food. Both locations have banks and ATM machines with the best exchange rates. Sayulita has ATM’s and an exchange house, but the ATMs frequently run out of cash an the rate is best in Mega and Walmart. Many locations in town do not accept credit card. Some may allow you to pay in US Dollars but will give you a lower exchange rate as a cost of the convenience. 

Once in town we recommend the following for grocery options:

  • Alas Blancas - Mexican owned Tienda with all the staples and some produce.
  • Mi Tiendita on the plaza also is good for quick stop.
  • Terrenal - Organic food store with amazing cheese selection.
  • Fruit/Veg stands near the bridge or just past Z Galeria.
  • Sayulita Wine Shop - For a decently priced white wine my go-to is the Pinot Grigio Alma Mora (white label, gold dots) at Alas Blancas

In high-season the Friday Organic Farmer’s Market located next to Z Galeria

Your rental includes maid service 2x weekly during your stay. This includes making the beds, emptying trash bins and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. To keep our energy and environmental footprint low, towels and linens are changed weekly unless a refresh is requested. If you would like a new towel, please place the old one on the bathroom floor to indicate you would like a refresh. We provide one complimentary refresh per week. Additional towels after that may be subject to a $5 laundry fee.  Additional days of housekeeping may also be arranged upon request for an additional 500 pesos/day.

Tipping is customary for housekeeping staff in Mexico, please be generous and do not forget to tip your housekeeper at the end of your stay. There is no standard amount, but approx 100 pesos per person is a good place to start, more if you are leaving a pile of dishes ☺. We are very lucky to have an amazing staff led by the lovely Chelly and her mother Juana. Every bit matters to the housekeepers and their families, you can help to make a great change in their lives. Please use the tip basket in the main floor kitchen so that Chelly knows it is meant for her

Golf cart rentals are available with pacificcoastgolfcars.com, saygolfcar.com or townaround.com.mx. Advanced reservation is necessary to insure availability. We are a village and golf cart supply is limited. Carts are around 50USD or 500pesos per 24 hour rental. We have golf cart parking in front of the house, and a secure parking garage with outlets for charging.

We are a 5-7 minute walk to the town plaza down a long set of stairs. Elderly guests and those with small children often enjoy having a golf cart or car rental but should also be warned the house itself has many stairs between levels. To reserve a golf cart, email rent@saygolfcar.com with your dates and let them know you are staying at Casa Nicoya, Sayulita. See above for help arranging airport transportation

We provided a 5 gallon jug of purified water on every floor which will be replenished when necessary. You may use this water for drinking, cooking and brushing your teeth. Small water pitchers and cups are next to bathroom sinks to keep filled for teeth brushing ease. Tap water is safe for showering and bathing. Water is a precious commodity in Sayulita, please treat it as such and do not waste it. If the water pressure in the kitchen or bathrooms seems weak, the flow may too low to trigger the pressure pump. Please an additional faucet on at the same time for a few seconds to increase the flow and trigger the pump. Once you notice it improve, turn the extra faucet off to conserve water. 

Gas is supplied to the house by refillable tanks. We have a large gas tank and rarely experience issues but if you experience a lack of hot water please contact the property manager as soon as possible and we will refill or change the tanks. Electricity is very undependable and the town is subject to blackouts and brownouts frequently, especially during the rainy season. When this happens, there is really nothing to do except wait and light some candles. Usually the power is back on by morning.

Why waste time in the grocery store? Please let us know if you are interested in Grocery Delivery service and we will help you arrange to have everything you need waiting for you on arrival.

Lighten your load and have a stroller or Pac N Play waiting for you when you arrive. Let us know if you are interested and we can help you arrange to rent the kids equipment you need.

Sayulita is a village of a little over 4,000 people and although you will find many amazing restaurants and activities, things are more rustic than in city areas. Phone lines are limited in the village, but Casa Nicoya does include a local phone you may use for local calls. When dialing a Mexican cell phone with prefix (322) be sure to dial 045 from the land line first.


For Police and Fire Services Dial 066 from any standard land line. It is answered in Puerto Vallarta, but they dispatch out from Bucerias, Valle de Banderas, Jarretederas, etc, depending on the need for service, such as police service, fire service, medical service, etc.

Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. (Dialing 080 will NOT work from U.S., Canadian, or European cell phones). Please dial 01-329-291-0049 from foreign cell phones. Program this number into your cell for any emergencies. This call goes directly to the office in Valle, 24 hours a day. 

To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

For all other emergency numbers please check https://www.sayulitalife.com/sayulita-phone-numbers

The nearest doctor in Sayulita is at the urgent care clinic, near the big SAYULITA entrance to the right of the Pemex and Oxxo.  This clinic is open 24hours and is associated with the University of San Diego. The nearest dentist is in Bucerias and there are numerous hospitals in Puerto Vallarta. There are many Pharmacies in Sayulita, which are a great resource for answer any questions you have.

The village is normally very safe, but you must take ordinary precautions as you would in any foreign country. Please ensure the Casa Nicoya is securely locked while you are away, and leave the keys where you found them on arrival, rather than carrying them with you. There are state-of-the-art safes in every room, please use them.  It is not wise to leave money or valuables lying around the house. We have done our best to make Casa Nicoya as secure as possible, but the best prevention is to avoid temptation. When in doubt, put it in the safe.